Specialist areas

Overview of event types and subjects

Over the years we have interpreted at a huge number of events dealing with a wide variety of subjects. We hope you understand that for reasons of confidentiality we cannot list the names of our clients here without their permission. But please feel free to contact us if you need more detailed information!

Types of event:

Press conferences, congresses, committee meetings, executive board meetings, supervisory board meetings, AGMs, press briefings on annual results, inspections, training courses, continuous professional development, sales, marketing, or salesforce meetings, in-company training, management seminars, product launches, contractual negotiations, symposia.

Events that we have interpreted and/or organised range from small group discussions to major events with several thousand participants. In addition to the regularly required conference languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or French) we have also put together teams for languages such as Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian or Chinese. Locations have ranged from German cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Essen, Hanover, Berlin and Freiburg to foreign locations such as Washington, Tokyo, Brussels, Dublin, London, Stockholm, Barcelona, Monaco, Geneva, Madrid, Venice or Cape Town. You can find a link to a list of speakers we have interpreted for, as well as photographs illustrating our day-to-day work under the heading “References”. There you will also find various newspaper articles on the subject of simultaneous interpreting.


Economics, finance & investment

• Executive board meetings

• Supervisory board meetings

• Investor conferences

• Analyst conferences

• Press briefings on annual results

• AGMs

• Rating meetings

• Sales conferences

• Training on financial topics (IAS, IFRS, GAAP)

• Marketing events

• Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

• Town hall meetings


IT & communications technology

• Business intelligence (BI)

• ERP systems

• CRM systems

• Data warehousing

• Big data

• Cloud computing

• Internet of Things (IoT)

• Artificial intelligence (AI)

• Portal technologies

• Intranet

• System integration

• Server technology

• Database systems

• SaaS (Software as a Service)


Medicine & pharmaceutics

• CMT events with live surgery

• Urology and Venereology

• Gynaecology

• Dental medicine / implantology

• Phlebology / vascular medicine

• Psychology and psychotherapy

• Dietary supplements

• Clinical studies / investigator meetings

• Life sciences

• Environmental medicine

• Health economics

• Aesthetic medicine

• Sleep medicine

• Immunology

• Dermatology

• Haematology

• Oncology

• Orthopaedics


Industry & technology

• Automotive technology

• Sanitary engineering

• Heating engineering

• Surface treatment / coating technologies

• Injection moulding / plastics

• Building construction / civil engineering

• Remanufacturing / refabrication

• Steel and metallurgy

• Production technology

• Paper manufacture

• Warehousing and logistics systems

• Supply chain management (SCM)

• Joining technology


Environment & energy

• Geothermal systems

• External thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS)

• Wind turbines

• Waste industry

• Cavern storage technology

• E-mobility

• Water treatment systems

• GMES (Global monitoring for environment and security)


Chemistry & biology

• Surfactants and detergents

• Polymer technology

• Paints and varnishes

• Biochemistry

• Chemical and pharmaceutical logistics
• Additives


• CWC inspections (OPCW)



European Works Council or SE Works Council meetings have to be handled with great sensitivity. We can supply you with a team of experienced interpreters to help you prepare and hold SEWC and EWC events – from Special Negotiating Body meetings down to regular Works Council sessions.

If you would like references, we can supply you with the contact details of Works Council chairpersons for whom we have worked for many years.



The FDA carries out routine inspections of foreign companies that supply products or services to the US market. For such FDA audits, the presence of a professional interpreter has proved invaluable for ensuring that misunderstandings are avoided.

We have considerable experience with FDA inspections (GMP, GCP, GLP, BIMO) and will be happy to advise you on communication-related aspects of their preparation and implementation.

We work closely with service provider CMC Pharma (www.cmc-pharma.de), and in recent years have completed many inspections with zero observations made.


Transport & traffic

• Logistics and transport

• Aerospace / aviation

• Local public transport

• E-mobility

• Railway technology

• TENs (Trans-European Networks)


Politics, law and social affairs

• G7

• International development cooperation

• European constitutional law

• Patent law

• Copyright law

• International trade union meetings


Fashion and textiles

• Collection presentations

• Textile technology

• Technical textiles and non-woven fabrics


TV & media

• Live broadcasts (sport, politics, society)

• Talk shows

• Interviews

• Press conferences



Depositions are always a considerable strain for everyone concerned. In such stressful situations interpreters play an invaluable role in avoiding misunderstandings.

We work exclusively with colleagues who have experience with depositions and regularly interpret them.