Conference consultancy

Planning a multilingual conference?

We can put together a team of professional interpreters and, if you like, also arrange the necessary technical equipment (interpreter booths, microphones etc.).

Our services include:

  • Recruiting a team of professional interpreters with experience in your field
  • Selecting the best type of interpreting (simultaneous or consecutive) for your needs
  • Organizing the equipment (e.g. interpreters’ booths, infrared transmitter, headphones etc.)
  • Liaising with you before and during the event.

Every event is unique, so to meet your exact needs we need to know:

  • What is the event and the subject-matter?
  • Where and when is it taking place?
  • What languages do you need interpreters for?
  • How many participants are you expecting?
  • Do you also need interpreting equipment (e.g. booths, microphones etc.)?

If you can answer these questions, we will be happy to put together a customized offer. And if you then give us the green light, we will take over responsibility for:

  • Drawing up contracts for the individual interpreters
  • Distributing preparatory material to them
  • Organizing the equipment
  • Translating the conference documentation