What do I have to keep in mind to ensure that my conference is a success?

You can remove potential stumbling blocks from the very outset!

To help you, we have drawn up the following check-list to ensure that no important aspects of simultaneous interpreting are forgotten in the run-up to your event:

Have contracts already been signed with the interpreters?

Have you hired interpreters for all the conference languages?

Have you supplied the team organiser with all the preparatory material for the interpreters (e.g. agenda, conference folder, presentations)?

Have rooms been reserved for the interpreter team and technician (if overnight accommodation is required and no other arrangements have been made)?

Have the presentation tips (see download on right) been passed on to the speakers?

Has the necessary simultaneous interpreting and communication equipment (e.g. booths, microphones) been booked?

Have there been any changes to the schedule that might affect the technician and the simultaneous interpreters?

Is the interpreting technician also handling all the acoustic systems in the conference room (in order to avoid conflict with the in-house technician)?

Have notices been prominently displayed in the conference room with details of the channels for the various languages?

Have tables for distributing receivers to delegates been put up at the entrance to the conference room – and are they well signposted?

Have the booths been positioned to give the simultaneous interpreters a good view of speakers, presentations and audience?

Has a member of your team been nominated as the contact person for the simultaneous interpreters?

Is there a telephone number (e.g. mobile phone) that this contact person can ring in the case of unexpected issues during the event?

If you have answered all these questions with ‘yes’, then you can be sure your conference will run smoothly. We hope it is a great success!